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We started Rest to help you get higher quality sleep

As hot, cold, itchy, anxious, or you name it type of sleeper ourselves, we know we all sleep differently and to sleep better, we require bedding that is designed for our own individual needs.

So why are bedding products so generic?
As a whole, the bedding category has lagged behind in innovation.

Combining a fresh approach with decades of experience, we've made it our purpose to ensure everyone gets a good rest - constantly innovating to meet the unique needs of every sleeper.

With our current products and more to come, we hope to help you get the great sleep you deserve.

Values We Believe In

Be Empathetic

Think, feel and walk in the shoes of those we engage with to go above and beyond expectations

Be Disruptive

Challenge the status quo to redefine problems and discover new and better solutions

Be Agile

Move swiftly and decisively with a strong bias towards action to make sure we are creating only great products

Be Open

Engage with integrity and honesty, with a keen desire to learn from everyone

Be Kind

Strive to treat our employees, partners, customers and the planet with respect, creating an overall positive impact

Our Impact

Constant Innovation
Helping Those in Need
Caring Approach

The Good News

30-night, risk-free trial*
Fall in love with Rest or get your money back. You won’t lose sleep over this purchase.
Free shipping and returns*
We’ll cover the shipping so you can cover yourself in comfort and peace of mind.
We are here to chat
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