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PCM Cilma Fiber

Our Phase Changing Material (PCM) is a temperature regulating functional fiber made of lyocell fiber and parafin wax. The lyocell fiber is mainly from renewable Eucalyptus hardwood and the wax parafin is made from plant oil extracted from rapeseed.

Benefits of Cilma Fiber

Breathable enhanced
thermoregulating enhanced
future technology

The Phase Change Material

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Enhanced Thermoregulating

PCM changes between solid and liquid states to lock in and release heat regulating the micro-temperature under a duvet to provide personalized comfort.

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Easier On The Planet

Unlike other petroleum based PCM fibers, our PCM (Cell Solution®) oil is extracted from Rape Flowers which is turned it into a paraffin wax to be a thermal buffer inside lyocell fiber.

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Future Technology

PCM has been widely used in space as well as in advanced industries such as latent heat storage systems and skin care industry.

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