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Corn PLA Fiber

Our vegan fill is not only plant-based, but totally sustainable. We extract the sugars from the plant and then run them through a process that creates a fluffy, pillowy, environmentally-friendly fill for our vegan duvets.

Benefits of Corn fiber

Odor Free
Why Corn PLA Fiber

Sustainable Fiber

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The best natural fibers, naturally

Corn PLA fiber is fluffier and bouncier than other non-down fillings such as bamboo, silk and polyester. It’s also aerated which means it creates better insulation and is more breathable.

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Easy on the earth

Corn PLA fiber is natural and 100% biodegradable. Turning corn into our luxury vegan fill uses 75% less carbon dioxide than petroleum-based plastic materials you might find in other polyester filled duvet options.

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Naturally Hypoallergenic

Corn fiber has a neutral PH which means is naturally difficult for mites and bacteria to grow, while feeling natural against your skin.

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