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Throws vs Blankets

Duvets, blankets, and throws all have one thing in common: they keep you warm and soothe you to sleep. But, did you know that technically all throws can be blankets, but not all blankets can be throws? 

 So, what are throws?

Throws are stylish home accessories that are meant to add comfort and accessorize any room of your house. Having a throw at the end of your bed is an easy way to make sure you have an extra layer available for those extra cold nights.  Or, drape one over a chair to add some color to a room.

  • Necessary for Naps: When the perfect nap is just what you need, throws provide the ideal level of coziness, without being overly bulky or heavy. 
  • Just a little more warmth: When the weather is a little cold outside and your all-season duvet just isn’t warm enough, an oversize throw can help add that extra warmth to get you comfortably through the night.
  • Adding the right amount of weight: Down duvets are renowned for their high warmth to weight ratio, but some people may find these types of duvets to be too light. Adding a throw can add additional weight and pressure against your body to give you a better sleeping experience.


The biggest difference between blankets and throws is size. Throws are typically smaller than a blanket and tend to sit on top of the bedding, making them supplemental. They are perfect for layering in and out of the bedroom, and can be used outside on a chilly day or night. Throws are the ultimate must have for cuddling up on the couch to watch a movie on a rainy day and a great way to add some flair to any room in the house.  

Rest Duvet’s extra-large throws are larger than most to give you extra versatility. While standard sized throws are roughly 50 inches by 60 inches, Rest Duvet throws are 80 inches by 95 inches. This gives you lots of options in terms of folding them at the end of a bed or using them at night to add a little extra warmth. 



Finding the perfect throw is a very personal decision.  Throws can be made out of an endless number of material and the key is to identify which fabrics make you feel the most comfortable.

  • Wool – This fabric not only offers comfort, but it's also durable and long lasting. With proper care this cozy, yet breathable material can last for years.
  • Fleece – A synthetic option, fleece is a polyester blanket fabric that feels fuzzy yet silky-smooth. However, fleece blankets can have less airflow than other materials, so they  are best used in colder environments.
  • Cashmere – Cashmere equals luxury. Few fabrics compare to the soft touch or heat-protective powers of cashmere. Just be careful with this pricey fabric-it requires delicate washing and care.

How are blankets different?

A blanket is intended to be used on a bed and it’s primary purpose is much more practical.  They are typically used between sheets and duvets or comforters in order to add an extra layer of insulation, in order to help you rest better! 


Rather than decoration, blankets are primarily used as part of your bedding. They come in the same standard sizes of sheets (Twin, Full, Queen, King) and are meant to add warmth to your entire bed.


Blankets tend to be a little more boring than throws. Their texture is usually smooth and uniform so that they provide an equal amount of warmth over the entire bed.

  • Cotton – Cotton blankets are soft and breathable, without compromising on warmth.
  • Synthetics – Artificial fibers like polyester and acrylic offer durability and affordability. They can sometimes feel rougher than natural fabrics, like cotton.
  • Hemp – Hemp has been a key ingredient in the production of textiles for centuries. It's strong, flexible fiber is both renewable and sustainable which makes it an excellent choice when compared to synthetic materials, like polyester.

Introducing the Rest Duvet Throw Blanket

Combining the versatility of a throw with the larger size of a blanket, Rest has developed a hybrid Throw Blanket that adds style to your home without compromising on warmth or functionality. It’s the ideal solution for when you want to add warmth or weight on top of your duvet or simply want to cuddle up and take a nap. It’s luxurious enough to drape over a sofa, but also practical enough to use every night.

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